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My DA gallery has reached 100.000 pageviews. I don't know, is it alot or a little, but for me it's an event and a reason to sum up results. I was curious, which of my photographs people visit most of all? Here are top twenty of them sorted by views:

1. Contre Jour -- 55K views

2. Angel of the Opera X -- 44K views

3. Marble II -- 41K views

4. Marble VI -- 39K views

5. Un petite parisienne VII -- 38.5K views

6. Balcony Dance -- 37.5K views

7. Marble IV -- 27K views

8. Burgogne --24K views

9. Marble I -- 22K views

10. Tongue of Flame -- 22K views

11. Phoenix -- 22K views

12. Un petite parisienne VI -- 22K views

13. Evening Star -- 21K views

14. Marble VII -- 21K views

15. Yin & Yang -- 20K views

16. The Lower World -- 17K views

17. Twisting -- 16K views

18. Catometry -- 13K views

19. Un petite parisienne IV -- 13K views

20. Pride of the Opera -- 10.5K views

Black & White Spider Awards is the leading international award honoring black and white photography. Nominees and Winners of the 9th annual competition (2014) have been recently announced  Congratulations to all of them!

I was quite happy to see three of my works among the Winners:

Catometry won the 3d place in the Wildlife  category

Windy Day got the Honorable Mention in the Sihouette category

Mirror got the Honorable Mention in the Sihouette category

Also, four of my works were among the Nominees:

Equilibrum by endegor
Equilibrium was nominated in the Nude category

The House by endegor
The House was nominated in the Abstract category

Learning to Fly by endegor
Learning to Fly was nominated in the Architecture category

Time to... by endegor
Time to... was nominated in the People category

Many thanks to PEN-at-Work for suggesting and myraincheck for featuring Supply and Demand as DD!
This is my 6th Daily Deviation :love:

Some more street shots from my gallery:
Night Talk by endegor While there is time... by endegor Adieu... by endegor

Paris un tango by endegor   Temptation of Dr. Faustus by endegor   The Hat by endegor

Little drama by endegor   Gavroche. Forty years later by endegor   With words, hands and legs by endegor

... and its black-and-white variant: 
Phoenix (b/w)

Many thanks to ^DistortedSmile for featuring Phoenix as DD!

and the paired picture:   

Catometry II

Many thanks to ^fvdsloot for featuring Catometry as DD!

Third Daily Deviation

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 2:30 AM
Pride of the Opera

Thanks a lot to =GraphiteColours for suggesting and ^MC-Frizzle for featuring this work as DD!

Though my personal favourite from this series is:

Crown of the Opera

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My second DD!

Journal Entry: Sun May 1, 2011, 12:05 PM
Yin and Yang

Many thanks to *capricordestin for suggesting and ^Kaz-D for featuring!!!

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My first DD

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 13, 2011, 12:02 AM
The Lower World

Thanks to =fal-name for suggesting
and ^ScENeYmE for featuring

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